The importance of the gender gap in digital skills is addressed in the European Commission’s Digital Skills Framework for Citizens, also known as DigComp. That is why the Gender equality in digital competences project aims to ensure equitable, inclusive and high quality education and training in digital competences for women by giving more visibility to the seriousness of the gender gap in digital competences.

The main results to be developed will be the following: 

Methodology on digital skills for equality.
A curriculum that helps young women in their work to integrate digital competences and innovations
Practical training on digital competences for young women based on the developed methodology and curriculum.

Furthermore, we attempt 

To give visibility to the severity of the gender gap in digital skills; 
To promote digital skills among groups of young women with basic or low levels of digital skills; 
To increase opportunities for women to enter the labour market with basic digital skills; 
To influence the current digital ecosystem by increasing the presence of women.