Founded in 2019, Extramus is an Italian agency for international mobility specializing in the Erasmus+ experience, with the slogan “Experience-Travel-Erasmus,” which is based on 3 values: first diversity, then inclusion, and finally equality. Extramus’ project aims at creating an environment in which young people can express their full potential and apply the knowledge they have acquired during their study period. Its core competencies are ICT, digitalization, entrepreneurship, STEM education, and social inclusion. Extramus has been very active within the youth work area, participating and partnering in projects regarding young people ever since its foundation. It also hosts and attracts a large number of young people, both local and international. There, the youngsters learn new skills like digital skills, communication skills, and management skills, as well as how to improve and apply the skills they already have.

Antonio Gallo

Founded in 2010, Inercia Digital is an innovative Andalusian organisation specialising in training and innovation in digital skills at an international level.
We are a VET centre (Vocational Training for Employment) and our main area of expertise is fostering digital and entrepreneurial skills.
Inercia Digital has extensive experience participating in innovative European educational projects and was appointed a new member of the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” of the European Commission in 2017. We’re also the proud recipients of the Certificate of Compliance AENOR EA0043 as a Young Innovative Enterprise in 2015.
Based on its expertise area, during the last few years we have created and led websites and e-learning platforms for education institutions/providers (such as schools, adult education centres, VET, etc.) in order to integrate ICT in their daily activities while developing extensive training on digital competences, web tools, e-learning, virtual opportunities and collaborative learning.
Our mission is to drive training and innovation in digital skills across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, for the labour market and for all European citizens in general

Vivian Garcia